How to Maintain Enthusiasm When the Honeymoon is Over

When the honeymoon is over and you have to return to your everyday life, it can be hard to show enthusiasm for your relationship. The bills are coming in each month, you may have extra bills from the wedding, and you’re now in a routine that could be very boring. There are a few things that you can do to maintain the spark that you have, and to keep the relationship fun after the big day.

1. Go out at least once a month just the two of you. Often after you get married you get involved with a lot of other couples and you have parties and events to go to. Make time for just the two of you to get out of the house, and be sure that its something that you both want to do.

2. Do things that you wouldn’t normally do. Even if you don’t have kids go to a local zoo or aquarium, or go to a near by amusement park. These are things that you’re going to get you laughing and having fun.

3. Take the time to surprise one another. Surprise your wife with flowers at work on the counter when she wakes up in the morning, or book your husband a golfing session.

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