Television Media Analysis – What the Viewers Want

When you’re business is show business (doesn’t matter if it’s movies or television) it pays to know what the people want. Ratings are very important and are the seemingly arbitrary point system used by analysts to determine the worth of a program. Another important figure is how people are watching television.

Are they signing up for Direct tv specials or are they going through other cable or any of the other various competitors?

This is very important information for network executives to have because it can ultimately determine whether or not they will stick around with their current provider or move on. If more people are watching DIRECTV than any of the other competitors, then the networks want to focus their efforts where they will be seen most. That way they can ensure viewership of their programs, ensure good ratings on their franchises and make more money down the road.

Most major television networks have their own departments and teams that handle the acquisition of these numbers. However, there are also a large number of third party organizations that run these algorithms as well. If you are working in the television industry, it’s your job to stay informed on these figures.

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